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Assisting Law Firms in Litigation & Medical Record Retrieval

Davila Civil Process, LLC offers litigation support and medical record retrieval. Our litigation services are primarily designed to assist law firms. We eliminate the burden of record retrieval and reduce your costs by gathering, organizing, and analyzing all the medical records.

Be it issuing mobile notary, litigation support, or medical records retrieval, Davila Civil Process, LLC offers nationwide process services.

Davila Civil Process, LLC
Davila Civil Process, LLC

Litigation Support Services

A lawsuit from the very beginning encompasses a lot of documentation and research and needs all the essential documents and information to be well organized.
Davila Civil Process, LLC, offers litigation services that are primarily designed to assist law firms in almost every task. Our services allow law firms to spend a nominal amount of time in review. We will efficiently handle your back office work, research requirements, and other paralegal activities at an affordable price. 

Medical Record Retrieval

Medical Record Retrieval is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Medical records are needed in several litigation cases, like personal injury, product liability, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, mass tort, etc.

In such cases, medical records provide vital information to the litigation process. This process is carried out in several phases. Our service providers formulate the key strategies and adopt best practices to simplify and speed up the process. We gather, organize, and analyze all the medical records.

Davila Civil Process, LLC